Luxury desert camp is a comfortable haven fully equipped with sixteen luxury tents. All the private tents have comfortable king-size beds, private bathrooms and hot showers, solar-powered lighting and handcrafted furniture. Above all, the tents provide a fantastic view with private terraces overlooking the stunning dunes of Merzouga. The luxury camp has a wonderful restaurant with gastronomic local food and a lounge area.



Merzouga luxury desert camp is entirely different from all the other camps nestled in Merzouga dunes. It is unique haven for those seeking perfect solitude, tranquility, adventure and something off-grid. The atmosphere at the camp is exclusively cozy for a lifetime experience. Relax on the top of a dune and enjoy a glass of champagne.



There are plenty of activities to do at the luxury desert camp. We have a professional friendly staff who can help you choose among the suggested activities starting from Dromedary riding, sand boarding, walking and trekking tours, exclusive lunch at the oasis, visiting nomadic families, and sun downing. At luxury camp you will enjoy wonderful time and step back for a moment to anticipate and relax, is what makes the trip to the desert so memorable.

Whether you are a couple coming for a romantic retreat, friends sharing adventure or a family sharing love with their children, the luxury Camp is open to all ages as children as teenagers and adult people.

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