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We want to ensure that you, as a traveler and guest of our country, know how to navigate local culture, showing respect for their customs, and assuming maximum responsibility in caring for the environment of the places visited.


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Tradition is alive and well

Marrakech has been around for thousands of years and has inherited centuries of tradition, yet this kingdom is not the least bit frozen in time. It has a vibrant culture that is expressed each day in the little details that make up daily routines and habits, celebrations and rituals. Spend some time here and soak up Morocco’s irresistible lifestyle.
The best approach is to walk through its cities and villages and experience the narrow alleys of ancient neighborhoods. This brings you close to the people: talk to them! They are certain to invite you to have a cup of Moroccan tea, a time-honored ritual of hospitality and ceremony.
You should also experience day-to-day life. Morocco and its inhabitants espouse an enviable Mediterranean lifestyle that has been recognized by UNESCO. This lifestyle comprises practices, foods and symbols that bring pleasurable days and are sure to captivate you as well.
This kingdom loves its celebrations, which punctuate the calendar. One of the many events that bring Moroccans together are its famous moussems, festive religious events. Do not miss the Imperial Cities’ moussem, very famous for being listed on the Intangible Cultural Heritage register since 2008. The Essaouira Gnaouas festival is also highly recommended. These gatherings are opportunities for you to interact with and immerse yourself in the different cultures that make Morocco such a rich, diverse country.
This is but a glimpse of the myriad cultures that still thrive in Morocco. Work your way across the country and get to know these treasures of Morocco’s intangible cultural heritage.  

Why Morocco?

Morocco is a gateway to Africa and the Arab world. A meeting point for civilizations and continents situated on the northwest tip of Africa. Morocco, with its nearly 35 million people, is a fusion of Arab, European, and African cultural influences. Here, visitors have the opportunity to experience life in a Muslim country while exploring the distinct society and traditions of the Maghreb. Whether enjoying a croissant and mint tea at a café, visiting Amazigh (Berber) villages or wandering through the medinas and their souqs (markets), each experience in Morocco offers rich insight into its remarkable culture. With its striking topography, vibrant culture, and distinctive history, Morocco is an ideal destination for cross-cultural interchange and learning.


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Why Morocco?

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Bustling, locally loved street food stalls set up from morning until late night prove there’s more to Morocco’s food scene than bubbling meaty tajines and mountainous platters of couscous, the dishes with which the kingdom is most famously associated. But like the diverse cultures and changing landscapes across this stretch of North Africa, so too does...
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