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People Of Morocco Morocco’s location at the north west of Africa, a short sea journey from Europe, means it’s a kingdom that has been visited by many major powers throughout the centuries. Phoenicians, Romans, Carthaginians, Amazigh, Portuguese, Turks, Moors, Arabs, Spanish and French have all had a presence here over the years, and a host of other races have followed the trade routes through Morocco from one continent to the...
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Are you a Slow Traveller? Curious about the concept? Never heard about it before? Well this style of travelling is swiftly growing in popularity and Morocco is the ideal destination to practise it. Linking to the concepts of mindfulness and sustainable travel, Slow Travel is the polar opposite of the ‘cram-it-all-in four-cities-in five-days’ style of holidaymaking. Instead, it’s about connecting with where you are – the people, the customs, the...
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MARRAKECH Out of the Moroccan desert rises Marrakesh, an oasis of beauty and tranquility that will enchant travelers looking for adventure, rejuvenation, and the experience of a lifetime. Silhouettes of archways and minarets rise over the Red City, as the muezzin’s call to prayer echoes across the rose-colored sky. Those who visit Marrakesh will not soon forget it. The architecture–star-shaped Moorish lattices, sunken fountains, aromatic gardens and glittering mosaics–will make...
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