Moroccan Accommodation

Moroccan Accommodation

The culture, exoticism and warmth of Morocco welcome you for an unforgettable stay. With luxury chains, camping, riads, bed and breakfasts, cottages, hostels and even bivouacs, you will be treated to unique experiences!

Spend a night in a bivouac — a tentin the middle of the desert – tounplug completely. Let yourself be swayed by the timeless ambiance of the desert and wake up to the world’s most beautiful sunrise fora unique experience that you won’t soon forget!

Or stay in a riad, a traditional house in a historic district punctuated by a patio in the middle of a column of light. Your stay is guaranteed to feel authentic.

Exploring a country also means getting to know the locals and experiencing their everyday lives at home.

Choose a cottage or hostel to have a sightseeing experience full of direct contact with the native population.

Or why not go camping? It is the preferred way to stay for surfers working up the coast. Camping in the mild Moroccan climate promotes team spirit and human contact.

Finally, if you are hoping for a premium trip, sleep in the best international or local luxury brands for hotels that have built a long-standing reputation!

In Morocco, you will be an honored guest.  

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