Road of the thousand Kasbahs

Road of the thousand Kasbahs


The road of the thousand Kasbahs is currently one of the main attractions of Morocco. It’s integrated, indeed, by more than a thousand of these monuments. However, most travelers roaming the area only get to see half a dozen of them, the most famous, those that are in all the brochures.

The purpose of this website is to inform visitors wishing to delve into the subject of traditional earthen architecture the immense possibilities offered by southern Morocco.

Its author, Roger Mimó, is convinced that the promotion of the sustainable tourism in presaharic valleys is the best way to safeguard the Ksour and Kasbahs, which are now endangered because of neglect by the inhabitants of origin.

The Road of the Kasbahs is often times neglected from tours, which comes to prove that sometimes the closer we are to things, the more foreign they seem to us, right? Here you have some tips for travelling to this amazing area in Morocco, which is sure to leave a mark on you.

What’s the best way to get to the Road of the Kasbahs?

The best way to get to this area in Morocco is flying into Marrakech. It won’t be hard to find flights under 50 euros –depending on the dates you want to fly in– or even for less, and then rent a car there.


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