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Tbourida   Or Fantasia is a traditional exhibition of horsemanship in the Maghreb performed during cultural festivals and for Maghrebi wedding celebrations. “Fantasia” is an Orientalist name from the French, the actual traditional term derived from the Arabic word baroud, meaning gunpowder. It is present in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mali, Niger, and Mauritania.     The performance consists of a group of horse riders, all wearing traditional clothes, who charge along a straight path at the...
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THE SAND BATH, WHAT IS IT?   In Merzouga, as in many areas of the Moroccan desert, the sand bath, also known as psammatotherapy, or sand otherapy, is a practice of alternative medicine adopted by many people affected by rheumatism. The sandbath takes its name simply from the method of practice itself, consisting of burying a good part of one’s body in the very hot sand of the Merzouga Sahara....
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A meeting of women in the desert of Morocco From June 7 to 9, 2019 The Desert Women Summit is an encounter aimed exclusively at women who want to promote a better version of themselves. A 100% adventure designed to inspire and help women in their personal and professional growth through activities, conferences and thematic workshops in the Moroccan desert.  
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Most of Morocco’s cities have storied histories, but few have carried such a libertine reputation as the ancient port of Tangier Tangier is a great city for myths. Classical mythology has it as the home of the Pillars of Hercules that marked the end of the known world, beyond which lay the sunken city of Atlantis. It guards the narrow straits between Africa and Europe, and possibly its most unusual moment resulted...
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Why Morocco?

The beach and the Berbers, the medinas and the mosques, the souks and the dunes … The variety of Morocco and its exotic atmosphere already fascinated the travelers well before the arrival of the modern traveler.   Affordable and a short ferry ride from Spain, the blend of tradition and modernity of Morocco reaches a perfect balance between intense exoticism and familiar comfort. Cities such as Fez, Marrakech and Casablanca...
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